World Boss? No Thanks! 24: The Invitation From the Abyss

The moment I hit the [CONFIRM] button, a crimson cloud of death immediately wrapped around my body and turned it a dark red.


At the same time, the stars were blotted out in a sea of blood red that stretched across the horizons.


The ground trembled and a gigantic tear ripped across the earth itself that swiftly split into a web of countless smaller ones. One by one, horrific screams began to continuously echo out of those unearthly cracks and soon an unholy chorus of several tens of thousands of people crying echoed throughout the silent night. They were afraid, dreading the arrival of the abyssal creatures.


“The despair of the abyss is descending, calamity befalls the heavens and earth once more!”


“The rivers will run red with blood and a million corpses will litter the grounds.”


“Those who bear witness will see no more. Those who hear of such will hear no more. The masses tremble and die writhing in pain.”


“Before he dies, we will banish him to the abyss of despair. For all eternity!”


‘Huh...what’s all that?’ As I watched and listened to those ramblings, I couldn’t help but wonder to myself.


[You have become an abyssal creature! You will be forcefully transferred to the Abyss after thirty seconds!]


‘I’ve become an Abyss creature and will be forcefully transferred to the Abyss?!’


‘Wait wait, didn’t I just learn some skill? How did I turn into an Abyss creature for no reason!’


“We, are the dead who fell into the abyss of despair. We, have come to deliver your funeral song.”


“To welcome our liege, our king back to the world!”


Numerous greenish-white souls flitted the cracks like a flock of birds before slowly flying towards me.


‘These...these are the lingering spirits in the earth?! No, that’s not important now, can someone tell me exactly what is going on here?!’


Slowly but surely, the greenish-white apparition coalesced together into a humanoid form, though it looked more like a monster to my eyes right now. That unsettling feeling, however, came not only from its blurry countenance but also its tortured expression.


As I thought that, the abomination flitted up to me and bowed.


“Our master, our king, this is the throne we’ve prepared for you.” As it said that, the surrounding souls swarmed together to form a colossal throne.


“All these are boons from the king of kings, the Overlord of the Underworld…” It bowed once more, tone noticeably humbler as it spoke of the overlord’s title with reverence.


“Overlord of the Underworld?”


“Ah ah, you’ve just become a denizen of the Abyss so I’m sure there’s still a lot you don’t understand. a negligence on our part. Please bestow your punishment on these slaves, Master.”


“Wait, now’s not the time for all these. First of all, why have I turned into an abyssal creature and why am I being transferred to the Abyss? Also, who is this Overlord of the Underworld you speak of? How does he know of me and why did he send you all to welcome me?”


The lingering souls bowed once more in that same sonorous, hoarse voice, respectfully addressed me: “Since Master has learnt the magicks of the Abyss and gained the aura of the Abyss, Master has become a creature of the Abyss. No one outside of the Abyss is allowed to possessed such a destructive aura. Since time immemorial, abyssal creatures can only exist in the Abyss. This is the rule set by the gods of creation.”


‘ what they’re saying is, because I’ve picked up some death magic from the Abyss, my body has been forcefully transformed into that of an abyssal creature’s?’


‘As for that nonsense about only being able to exist in the Abyss, that was probably set by the game creators so as to maintain some sort of balance while allowing for the advanced AI to create difficult instances(eg. dungeons) of their own!’


‘With that in mind, that ruling isn’t that hard to swallow…’


“As why our liege is able to sense your presence, that’s because you still do not possess the ability to control your aura having just become an abyssal creature. Your powerful aura immediately aroused his attention. Of course…” The explanation abruptly stopped there before continuing in a reverent tone. “Only a powerful being like the Overlord of the Underworld is able to pick up your presence from such a distance away.”


‘Aura of the Abyss?!’


(Edited by: Tahaku)

(ED notes: So…..what happens to Slime-chan?)



Special thanks to Kaung Thant Win Naing!!


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