World Boss? No Thanks! 25: Sounds Great But I’ll Have to Pass on That!

“Aura of the Abyss? What...are you all talking about?” Interjected a confused Slime-chan.


“Hmph, a creature of the mortal realm, huh.” At that, the humanoid mass of souls separated off a section of their constituent souls and molded them into an eerie, greenish-white, hiltless blade and chain.


“ not show mercy to mortals!”


Death oozing out from its razor-sharp edge, the blade whistled through the air right towards the helpless Slime-chan. Yet up till the very moment she could see the reflection on that ghostly blade, her instincts only allowed her to tremble submissively. This was the fate of the weak: to submit to the strong!


It was only then that Slime-chan realized what it truly meant to be weak!


The weak only had to obey and allow themselves to be reaped!


Thus, she kept her eyes opened wide right up to the very end. This was a humiliation she would forever burn into her heart...


“Stop!” I hurriedly yelled, stopping the reaper’s blade mere inches away from Slime-chan. ‘At this rate, Slime-chan is going to turn into a popsicle!’


“Hmm?!” The humanoid apparition slowly turned its head around in what could only be described as a 180 degrees turn right out of a horror movie. With its emerald-green eyes, that eerie sight almost had a haunting beauty to it.


“Oh liege, why do you stop me? For such a worthless mortal creature to offend her betters, she deserves nothing but death!” It rasped, voice distant despite being right in front of me.


“No, she is important to me.” As I said that, I firmly locked gazes with its terrifying eyes.


“Is that so?!” It turned its head around once more and glared at Slime-chan as it rasped. “Since my liege says so...I’ll let you off for now. Leave before I change my mind, little creature…”


“I won’t!” She firmly declined, mustering up an inexplicable amount of courage as she did so.


‘No no no, little creature, you need to leave quickly. That fellow is really going to chop you up if you don’t. I can’t stop it if it does! Just that swing alone was alone to show the difference in strength between us...”


“Oh…” The apparition tilted its head and looked her right back in the eyes and yet it didn’t make any move after that; ‘looks like my words restrained it…’


“ my abyssal aura can be hidden?!” I coughed twice and sent out that message with my [Soul Link].


‘Time for a change of topic, don’t cha know!’


“Hahaha, of course you can, oh liege of mine. Within the abyss, we have a special skill which is specifically used to control one’s abyssal aura. Should my liege be willing to serve the Overlord of the Underworld, then his lordship would bestow his benevolence unto you!” As it focused its gaze onto me, its emerald eyes flickered. From its stance, I could feel a sense of confidence as if it had already determined that I would follow this overlord.


“Hmmm...sounds great but…” I pretended to mull over this issue. “If I were to follow his lordship, my freedom would be restricted, wouldn’t it?”


“No no, not at all, why would it? Our lordship would never restrict your actions.” The soul mass hurriedly waved its hands and continued explaining, “All we require is that a mark be placed on your body as a show of allegiance.”


‘Hah...I knew it…’


“Come then, there’s not much time!” The apparition reached out and respectfully insisted once more. “The Overlord of the Underworld has specially frozen the abyssal teleportation circle for such a long time just to welcome you! Quick, grab my hands and we can depart for the Abyss!”


“Dragon-chan, don’t follow him, alright…” Eyes watering, Slime-chan pleaded with me. Seeing that, I merely ruffled her head before turning my thoughts back onto this matter.


‘No has clearly been thirty seconds and yet I haven’t been teleported it’s all the work of this Overlord of the Underworld?!’


‘He sure went above and beyond to recruit a mere subordinate. However...that teleportation circle is already beginning to show up beneath me.’


“As expected I...just can’t bring myself to be someone’s subordinate!”


???. A rare look of confusion crossed the apparition’s face as if my answer had exceeded the limits of its comprehension.


“You...what did you just say?” It was confused and rightfully so. He had never once thought that an invitation from such a powerful being would be refused! Why would dare they?!


“I’m sorry but I am, after all, the strongest...the player Boss!”


“Wha?! The strongest?! An insect like you actually dares to usurp a title which his lordship doesn’t dare to claim…” Voice quivering, its emotions began to unravel before my very eyes. It simply didn’t expect that such a weakling would have the gall to reject the Lord of the Underworld and even brag like that.


However, weakling or not, everything thus far had moved according to plan. The teleportation circle began to materialize and even its faint glow was starting to blind me. Realizing this, Slime-chan tightly clung to me.


‘Wait, if you cling so tightly to me, my abyssal aura will…’


“NO! Even if you aren’t willing, you’re still coming with me!” It harshly rasped upon coming back to its senses.


“As long as I can touch you---” The humanoid apparition rushed at me, arms outstretched as if he wanted to pull me in.


At that moment however, the glow from the teleportation circle exploded, bathing the entire scene in a dark golden light as it furiously spun around.


*Bang!* Right before his fingers touched me, Slime-chan and I disappeared!


“You actually dared to reject his lordship’s invitation!’ll regret this!” The apparition vehemently cursed, “I swear I’ll tear you to pieces the next time we meet in the Abyss!”


Beneath the azure sky, the apparition’s raspy oath echoed amidst the vast greenery of the Prairie Plains...



Special thanks to Kaung Thant Win Naing!!


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