World Boss? No Thanks! 5: This World Boss Has No Access To Walkthroughs

‘What’s going on here?!’ I began frantically searching around for that familiar red bar but to no avail. Furthermore, it seemed like that wasn’t the only thing missing just now, even the damage from my [Claw Swipe] wasn’t shown!


‘This isn’t good at all, in fact, this is a big issue! I thought I finally had it easy when I turned into a tanky world boss but if I can’t even see my damage in this game, it won’t matter how smooth sailing my early game is; the late game is going to be really rough!’


(TL: Tanky: difficult to kill. Early/Late game: phases of a game.)


‘In a rpg, HP bars and damage meters are the basic building blocks of any boss walkthroughs. A number of rpg bosses gain a special skill or undergo some kind of transformation at certain HP percentages. Because of that, being able to determine its HP percentage is of utmost importance!’


‘Once the HP bar drops to a certain percentage, a player can use his defensive skills or perhaps interrupt skills to mitigate massive amounts of damage. For the HP bar-less me right now, truthfully, I might as well have been blind!’


‘If I can’t see my damage numbers, that means I won’t be able to judge how effective my attacks were against a target. In other words, as of right now, I can’t determine how much damage my [Claw Swipe] did!’


‘No HP bar, no damage and no damage means no boss walkthroughs for me!’


‘AHHHHH, it’s life in [Fan Tian] is over…’


‘Wait, hold on...I’m, I’m the boss now...why do I have kill bosses then? All I need to do is beat up players and bully little monsters, that’s right!’


“MWAHAHAHA” I let forth my debut evil laughter and immediately those three adventurers shivered in fright. They then picked up the pace of their attacks…


‘When you think about it, there’s no point for a boss to have such a function is there? They are bosses after all. No matter how advanced an AI gets, they shouldn’t need such a function, should they? I mean, they can just access the database at any time…’


‘That’s messed up! Haven’t you guys ever considered the situation where a player accidentally ends up in the mistaken setting of a boss!?’


‘Ahhh, I’m pissed!’


‘I’ve decided, in order to show my gratitude for teaching me about my lack of HP bars and damage counters, I’ll leave that mage with a sliver of HP. As for the rest, I’ll just roast them to death...I’m such a kindhearted boss, hahahahah…’


‘Hissatsu(certain kill): [Fireball], [Fireball], [Firebaaaallll]!’


However, even with my embellishments, those little balls still seemed kind of lacking… ‘well, they are Lv1 after all.’


*boom boom boom*. The three tiny balls shot out of my mouth at the same time and exploded on their bodies.


Even though the frontmost warrior managed to raise his shield...ah, I mean worn out wooden plank, to negate the damage from one of the [Fireballs], the other [Fireball] managed to hit him directly; seemed like it dealt quite a bit of damage as well.


As for the other assassin, he seemed he was going to collapse at any moment…with regards to that, I had zero sympathy for that fool.


‘Hmph, serves you right for charging right up to me even though you’re a glass cannon, learn2play scrub!’


‘Hohohohoho, this is the best! Being a boss is simply the best! World Boss banzai!’


‘Ahem, mustn’t get too drunk on that moment of pleasure, I still have to check the mana consumption of my [Fireball], alright, let’s have a looksie.’


MP: 5378/5640


‘Errmmm, based on that value, each [Fireball] should cost around 90-100 mana. I should be able to fire off another 53 [Fireballs]. If I add in my MP regeneration, I should be able to fire off even more [Fireballs].’


Even though those tiny red balls of mine seem to cost a lot of mana, but given my mana pool, there was absolutely nothing to worry about!


‘Hahaha, mortals, go ahead and dodge my [Fireball] if you can, don’t be shy! If I can’t roast you to death with my spits, then it’s my loss!’


‘Take that! ORA ORA ORA!’ I frantically spat out a string of [Fireballs].


The warrior with the battered wooden plank continued to block my [Fireballs] and even though he suffered some burns from time to time, it seemed like he was still able to barely hold out.


As for the assassin, he wasn’t that fortunate. After taking another hit from my [Fireball], he kicked the bucket right away. Turning into several motes of light, he flew off in the direction of the newbie village. ‘Looks like that’s the animation for a player death.’


Widdle Dragon(No name) has gained 10 XP!


I was suddenly startled by that voice in my ears…


‘Gwahh, at least give me some warning before you do that, it’s not an issue in normal situations but don’t you know that it will distract me in the midst of a battle? 1 star! 1 star!’


Widdle Dragon has levelled up to Level 2! [Fireball] proficiency has increased to Lv.2!


Ah, my [Fireball] levelled up! That was what I wanted to say but that name, Widdle Dragon, truly threw a damper on things… ‘I should just come up with a better name…’


‘Mhm, how about Ainz Oooh Gown, not a bad name right! What? You think I’m plagiarizing someone else, about Kirigaya Kazuryu, that works too, or maybe ****.’


*sound has been cut off automatically*


[Because of the skill [Dragon ******], Widdle Dragon’s attributes have increased by 1%!]


‘Waaaahht, My attributes have risen by 1% all of a sudden?! That’s...kinda amazing, isn’t that just a cheat!? So my attributes increase by 1% each time I level up, now that’s value for money! Feelsgoodman!’



Special thanks to Kaung Thant Win Naing!!


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