World Boss? No Thanks! 6: So Close and Yet So Far Away

‘Oh hohoho, wonderful just wonderful! If every level increases my stats by 1% of my XP value, my attributes will be through the roof by the time I reach MAX level. Just thinking about it gives me the goosebumps. By then, I would basically be invincible unless a GM comes knocking on my door!’


As I thought that, my eyes began to turn red while they continued to lock on to that faltering warrior.


As if in response to my fervent gaze, the poor newbie started to tremble in his boots.


In that very instant; from a certain alleyway in my heart, my desires began to ooze out of their proverbial darkness. Before my very eyes, this shaking warrior began to transform into something else entirely.


‘That’s right, he’s a sack of gold coins! XP! Attribute Points!’


‘This is bad, my face muscles are starting to cramp up! In order to express my eternal gratitude for the you who is about become a sack of XP, I’ll use my own, specially-created, unique skill to defeat you!


‘Take that!’ Excitement boosting my very waddles, I performed my first ever ramming attack, [Ram]!


‘To be fair, [Ram] doesn’t exist in my skill list so calling it self-created isn’t going too far either, mhm!’


‘Huhuhu, no one has ever lived to tell the tale after witnessing my self-created Ultimate Skill! Prepare yourselves, heroes!’


Then, with an extremely well-practised tumble, the warrior swiftly dodged out of the way of my [Ram].


‘*cough*...what’s going on here, shouldn’t he be dead from my [Ram] already!?’


‘And what’s with that skillful tumbe, are you sure you aren’t some hunter from MonHun!? Aren’t you a Lv1...why is your reflexes so good and shouldn’t you be face-tanking such attacks as a warrior?! Where’s the iron blooded man I was promised, dodging is for thieves! Do you know how embarrassing it is for me now……’


(TL: Facing an attack head on.)


‘Ahhh ah, forget it, take this, Self-Created Ultimate Skill, No. 2!’


‘Eat my tail!’ The instant I realized that he dodged my [Ram], I immediately gave him a vicious tail whip to the right. Unable to react this time, my ULTIMATE SKILL finally hit him.


“Huhuhu, naive! Don’t you know that bosses have follow-up attacks!? You wish to take on a world boss by yourself? Mada mada dane (scrub)!’


“*hrggh* What’s up with this dragon?”  With a pained grunt and a voice filled with doubt, he transformed into a ray of light and flew off to newbie land.


‘Phew, finally dead, that was difficult……’


‘And’s excitement time boys!’




[Widdle Dragon has gained 10 XP!]


‘That’s right, just like that baby, come to me level up!’




‘Hnng? No level up? Well, that’s awkward…’


‘As expected, the amount of XP required after reaching Lv.2 has increased, huh? How about I...give up on sparing that mage? Mhm. Levelling up is important after all…’


As that thought occured to me, I turned to the mage who I had ignored up till now. Seeing that, the mage let out a “woo” or some sort of frightened yelp and ran off at the speed of light.


‘This...aren’t you a little too fast?! Drats, with my current speed (waddle), there’s no way I will ever catch up to him...why is that mage so fast in the first place, I must’ve encountered an imposter mage…’


‘That day, I finally understood the meaning of so close and yet so far away…’


Just as I was about to engage in another round of sulking, the system’s voice rang out in my ears once more.


[Widdle Dragon has learned [Ram] Lv.1!]


[Widdle Dragon has learned [Tail Whip] Lv.1!]


‘Waaahat? I think I just learnt [Ram] and [Tail Whip]. Ah, those are my self-created skills, give me my royalties, you thieving system!’


‘Come to think of it, I just used those skills before learning them. Does that mean that whatever action I perform can be turned into a skill?!’


‘How about I...give it a short?’ My brain couldn’t help but entertain the endless possibilities.


I curled my widdle dragon claws into a fist and violently punched forward!




‘There’s no reaction...mhm. Looks like it’s not just a simple matter of me being able to learn a skill after performing an action.’


‘Hmm, does that mean I have to fulfill some kind of condition before learning it?’


As that thought ran through my mind, the familiar voice of the system suddenly popped out once more.


[You have gained [Simple Logic]Lv.1!]





Special thanks to Kaung Thant Win Naing!!


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