World Boss? No Thanks! 7: All I Wanted to Do Was Eat a Slime!

‘Hold on, did I just gain another skill?’


‘[Simple Logic] Lv.1, that was what the system said just now, right? Mhm...based on that outcome, I seemed to have unwittingly fulfilled the requirements for learning that skill.’


“So that means that I’m not only able to learn combat skills, I can learn thought-related skills as well? Hmmm, let’s have a looksie…’


Thinking that, I turned towards the vast greenery before and thought to myself.


‘Hey look, that’s a green, green, grassland. GREEN!’


‘Hmm, nothing’s happening...maybe there’s something wrong with my method?’


‘Logically speaking, shouldn’t the system have announced that I learnt [Appraisal] or something like that? Ah, I guess such a convenient thing doesn’t exist in this world.’


‘How troublesome. Information is so important in a RPG and yet I have no way of gathering it...Ahh, this RPG is just too hard…’


‘Sigh, there are just so many things I don’t know right now. My head hurts just thinking about them. That random string of letters at the start, turning into a world boss and finally that greyed out logout button…’


‘Ah, just the fact that I’m unable to return to the real world makes me really sad. There’s probably a high chance I’ll end up dying here unless I find some way to feed my body...there’s just too little information right now so why must so many ridiculous things happen to me?!’


[ [Simple Logic] Proficiency has increased to Lv.2!]


‘Uwah, I’m not the least bit happy that you’ve levelled up right now! Isn’t that just a roundabout way of saying I’m going to die of starvation if I don’t find a way out soon?!’


‘Ahh ah, don’t think about it now, not like I’ll be able to understand anything now anyway, I’ll just give up...being anxious won’t solve this problem after all.’


‘Well, since I’m can’t leave anytime soon...let’s just enjoy the game then! You should enjoy life to the fullest after all!’


[Widdle Dragon has learnt [Mental Endurance] Lv.2!]




‘This skill, even if you give it to me like that, I can’t bring myself to be happy. And why is it so strangely high level from the start! Ah, it hurts so much, this system is practically a salt rubbing champion. Well screw it, learning a new skill is always a good thing…’


*rumble rumble* It was then that my stomach started grumbling loudly as if it was rebelling against the world. ‘Settle down, my chunni stomach.’


‘I have to say though, this hunger is just too realistic, it’s even worse than all the hunger pangs I had in the real world so far. This level of difference, it’s not even on the same plane of existence!


‘I guess I should say, “as expected of a Full-Immersion game”, even such minor details were done up to such standards. Simply amazing…’


‘Ei...either way, I’d better find some food soon. I wonder if there’s a hotpot restaurant for dragonkind nearby, I really want to have some hotpot right now…’


I continued waddling forward in search for something edible. As time passed, my movement became a lot smoother and no longer did I have to limp and twist.


‘I found one! An adorable wild slime has appeared from the bushes! That wild slime seems to be unaware of my presence right now. It’s just jiggling about.’


‘Huhuhu, how laid back, to think a wild animal actually dares to let its guard down like that.’


*Roar!* I leaped at it with a fierce roar.


‘How should I say this, I know I could’ve gotten the jump on him if I didn’t roar, but for some reason I just wanted to roar, I’m a boss after all! You understand me, don’t you…’


“Fumu!” Frightened, the slime jiggled reflexively and let forth the cutest cry I’ve ever heard.


‘What’s up with this creature...well, if you keep crying that for another hour, maybe I can’t bring myself to eat you then.’


‘Take this, [Claw Swipe]!’


*boing* The moment my claws raked at its gelatinous body, they instantly bounced back at me.


‘Uwah, so springy, so bouncy, so soffttt... no wait, now’s not the time to admire that.’


‘I know there are RPGs that have slimes which can damaged by physical attacks...don’t tell me this slime is immune to physical attacks? Even the slimes in this game are so strong?!’


‘Mmn ahhh...woo!’ The slime let forth a slightly tender moan and its azure body started to turn slightly red. Even its beautiful features started to…


‘Hold on , you’re just a slime, don’t act in such a misleading manner, Miss Slime! That moan was one thing but all I did was grab you for a second, what’s up with that blushing?! ‘


*rumble rumble*... ‘My stomach is being grumpy again, ahh ah, I’m going to starve to death. Screw it, I, DragonMCFancyPants, swear to swallow you whole today!’


Thus, I closed my eyes and tossed “Miss Slime” into my mouth...and as she slowly slid into my throat, she continued to struggle violently like I had just swallowed a live fish which I caught not too long ago…


I kept trying to force it down my throat, but it refused to budge as if it was stuck to the walls of my mouth and throat.


‘I just don’t believe that I, a bonafide world boss, can’t even subdue you!’ I raised my head and tried to swallow it once more with a resounding ‘plop’.


‘Go on, plop already, why isn’t it sliding down my throat? That’s not what was written in the script! Why is it stuck in my throat! Ahhh, stop moving, if you keep moving like that, I’m going to puke…’


‘Oh, it’s in my airway now. This is bad, it’s getting harder to breath...didn’t I say to stop moving!?’


‘Ahhh, I…’ My Widdle Dragon eyes started to glaze over…


[Widdle Dragon has learnt [Suffocation Resistance] Lv.2!]


‘Ah, you really can’t judge a slime by its jelly…’ With that mind, I spat it out right just as I was about to faint...



Special thanks to Kaung Thant Win Naing!!


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