World Boss? No Thanks! 9: Because I Didn't Know How to Continue So I Did a Time Skip!

“Fumu fumu.”


“Ow ow roo.”


Amidst a vast field of swaying grass, a slime and a dragon roared in perfect harmony. Slime-chan was currently chomping down on a layer of earth and soil; she seemed rather focused on that task. As for me…


‘Exactly what the heck am I doing?! Why am I munching dirt as well…that white deer was truly a formidable foe, I almost kicked the bucket back there. Looks like you can’t judge a deer by their horns either, don’t cha know!’


‘Also, why isn’t there a damned [Appraisal] skill in this RPG of mine. Why is my isekai experience so different from others...if I had info on that white deer, that mess wouldn’t have happened at all! As a boss, why can’t I inspect a damn thing, exactly whose evil idea was that?!’


‘On a side note, once you get used to eating dirt, it’s not that should I say it, it tastes just like slime…’ Beside me, Slime-chan inexplicably shivered.


‘Based on what I’ve observed so far, in order for me to survive in this world, I need to carefully observe the monsters around me as well. Otherwise, I have to spend the rest of my life eating dirt…’


[ [Simple Logic] Proficiency has increased to Lv.3!]


‘I see you agree with me as well, System-kun.’


‘I guess eating dirt so contentedly doesn’t me suit me after all (I’m full already anyway), either way, I should grow stronger first!’




Three days later…


‘Huhu, impressive, to think you were actually able to fight with me to this extent…’ I couldn’t help but sigh with admiration at the foe in front of me.


“Hiss!” Amidst its death throes, a blackwinged python flared its obsidian colored wings and slithered slightly to the side as if it was trying to scare me off with a last ditch attempt at an attack…


‘Perhaps that might have been able to scare off some ordinary critter, but who am I?! I’m a dragon, that’s who. There’s no way I’ll be scared off like that! I’ve seen such threats a dozen times over already!’


‘After extensive and prolonged observations, I’ve grasped the movement patterns of all the grassland creatures! It’s definitely not because it managed to scare me off previously, definitely not!’


“Hiss!” Its jaws snapped open and fired off a purple blob at me. Skill--- [Poison Bullet]!


I immediately jumped to the left and swiftly dodged that blob. Glancing to the side, I found a slowly blackening patch of dirt where it landed as if it was in the process of being corroded.


‘I have to say, this poison is truly powerful. You’re just a python and yet you can actually use poison! Were you able to pick up this special skill simply because you are a serpent…’


‘However...I’ve already prepared my defenses against this skill of yours! For this dragon who had gone through the process of eating dirt, eating grass and eating insects, and for this dragon who had undergone long, long periods of physical training, how could he allow you to spit on him so easily!?’


‘Accept your death, Blackwing Python! Take this, [Bite]! This is the skill I picked up after all that insect eating. Those critters have an unexpectedly hard shell, don’t cha know! And that’s why, this bite of mine, will definitely penetrate that hide of yours!’


My jaws opened wide and revealed a set of razor sharp fangs that promptly and viciously bit into it. Working my lower mandibles to their utmost limit, I continually tore into that blackwing python.


As I did so, the blackwing python continued flopping about. However, no matter how much it struggled, it wasn’t able to escape my powerful lower jaws. All it could do now was continuously fire off more [Poison Bullets] to try and hurt me. Unfortunately for it, such attacks just seemed so feeble before my might.


‘Time to die.’ *chomp* I violently whipped my head to the side and tore off a decent chunk of its flesh in the process. Thus, with regret and hate in its eyes, it glared at me for one last time.


‘I’m sorry, Mister Python and also, thank you. You will soon become my first taste of meat in a long time and live on within my stomach.’ I couldn’t help but let forth that mental lamentation.


‘This Full-Immersion experience is just too real, I swear. I’m starting to feel a little guilty about killing it already. However, what choice do I have? Dragon’s gotta eat meat! Hahaha!’


[Widdle Dragon has gained 20 XP!]


[Widdle Dragon has risen to Lv.8! [Bite] Proficiency has increased to Lv.4]


‘Sigh, you might be wondering why I only managed to reach Lv.8 after three full days? Alas, I truly had no say in this a RPG, the two fastest ways level up were basically these two, completing missions and completing instances.’


‘That’s right, none of these methods were usable for a world boss like me. Thus, the only other option for levelling up was to grind mobs. Only by mindlessly piling on XP was I able to achieve such a stable rate of levelling up.’


However, based on my current situation, finding mobs and drawing them away in a Full-Immersion RPG like this simply took too much time. That was why this method could be said to have the lowest efficiency rating.


In these three days, I discovered a number of things. For example, it wasn’t guaranteed that I would gain a 1% boost to my attributes whenever I levelled up. It probably had something to do with some conditions I wasn’t aware of.


When I discovered that point after reaching Lv.3, it left me upset for quite some time.


Another thing I discovered was about this skill of mine called [Boss Oppression Strength]. It seemed to create a boss-like aura around me and any creature weaker than me would flee at the sight of my greatness. As for those who were stronger than me, they seemed to immediately raise their guard upon noticing me…


‘Really, what’s the use of that damned skill?! Do you know how hard it was to find meat because of that?!’


‘Moreover, it seemed to be continuously levelling up as well! It was already Lv.6 and higher than any of my other skills…’



Special thanks to Kaung Thant Win Naing!!


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