World Boss? No Thanks! Vol 2 C10: The Correct Way to Assault the High Ground

‘That’s...practically the work of the devil!’


I couldn’t help but muse as I peered into the distant battlefield, basking in the wails of the wandering spirits.


‘Well, that has nothing to do with me anyway, in fact, it’s getting me a little excited. With regards to those lifelike NPCs, there’s no emotions to speak of, especially since they were the ones who attacked me first.’


‘It’s just a game after all...and I’m just a boss within it.’


“Dragon-chan, how did I do?” As she said that, her eyes sparkled as if she was a child waiting for me to praise her.


“Mhm.” I gave her an affirmative nod before patting her little noggin.


“Ehe…” Her eyes narrowed slightly in contentment.


‘Well, how should I put it, the fact that she managed to cause such damage had completely exceeded my expectations. At the very least, there’s no way I can cause that much damage to them.’


‘In that case, they shouldn’t be in a hurry to attack us again, right? At least not without further consideration…’


‘After that probing assault, they probably had a rough gauge of our strength now.’


‘Hmmm...then how do they plan on attacking next? should I defeat them?’


‘Rather, maybe I should attack them instead?!’ I thought to myself excitedly.




“The evil dragon is located at the high ground southeast of our town. It’s an easily defended location that only has two routes of assault.” As he said that, Flanrida pointed at the map before him. “One route is the main road just in front of us. Using that route to ascend would be extremely easy since the terrain was practically made for large scale adventurer armies like us.”


“Then what are we waiting for, let’s just charge at it.” Quipped a noticeably anxious Han Zishi.


“No, I feel that it’s the exact opposite, this route won’t work out.” Flanrida shook his head before continuing, “It’s true that the main route leading to the southeastern high ground lends for an easy assault path for us but that also means that it is easy to spot our advance. Dragons are highly intelligent creatures. Should it discover us, it would definitely make preparations.”


“Then what does the guildmaster suggest?” Asked Han Zishi.


“Isn’t obvious enough?” Scowled Wu Junze as he rolled his eyes. “Since the guildmaster mentioned a main route, there’s naturally a side route as well.”


“That’s right.” Nodding his head once more, Flanrida elaborated further on this matter. “Only the locals would know of this route that cuts across the mountain range. Even though its capacity is pretty low, it has the main advantage of being stealthy.”


“Then the guildmaster’s plan is to?”


“My plan have a small detachment of agile adventurers with a high resistance take the main route upwards in order to draw the attention of that evil dragon. As for our main force, we will take the side road upwards.” Flanrida pointed at the map to enunciate his point further.


“Guildmaster wishes for the tactical team to act as bait on the main route?” At that, the wandering spirits turned their heads towards the guildmaster and raised their eyebrows in unison.


At the same time, a number of them threw a sympathetic look at Wu Junze and Han Zishi.


The tactical team, in other words, the team comprised entirely of these two.


In response to their gaze, Flanrida merely remained silent and thus the meeting entered an awkward silence of sorts.


“Guys, don’t look at the guildmaster like that.” It was then that Wu Junze broke the deafening silence. “Truth be told, this plan was suggested by me. I’m sure those who are familiar with us know that me and Zishi have a sordid past with dragons.”


Hearing that, those who knew of this matter nodded their head as a way of confirmation.


“So, just leave this mission to us.” He bravely declared as he stood up.


“This mission, the tactical team eagerly accepts!”


Thus, the battle plan begins!



Special thanks to Kaung Thant Win Naing!!


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