World Boss? No Thanks! Vol 2 C11: Who is that Cerulean Bishoujo?

Tactical teams were mostly comprised of spectral steeds and spectral war chariots. With their superior mobility, these teams could be deployed anywhere on the battlefield in an orderly and speedy fashion.


Whether it was ambushing, encircling, flanking or retreating, these teams were able to employ a multitude of high mobility tactics while maximizing their combat strength.


As for the tactical team of the Wanderer’s Abode, there were only two spirits inside of it, Wu Junze and Han Zhishi. According to rumors, these two were once military officers in a certain kingdom’s army who unfortunately lost their lives in the expansion war declared by Margare. Apparently, they were there that day when the majestic form of Margare’s Sacred Dragon blasted an Eighth-Grade, Heavens-Blanketing level of Magic at their army and wiped them out…


In the first place, both sides weren’t even on the same level and thus, their deaths were inevitable.


The only silver lining amongst all that misfortune was that their souls managed to remain completely intact despite personally experiencing such a cataclysmic spell. Truly, that was a one in a million bit of fortune.


Naturally, all this was just hearsay.


As of right now, Wu Juze and Han Zhishi were both standing beneath the southeastern vantage point hidden under the shroud of countless trees and shrubs. Peering into this dense foliage, the only traces one could see of this tactical team was that ever so tiny gleam of reflection that periodically escaped between the cracks of foliage.


They had been lying in wait for quite a while now, well, even though it had been a while, roughly half an hour, it really wasn’t much for these two.


“There’s less than five minutes from the commencement timing, let’s just go already!” As he said that, Han Zhishi stuck his head out for a mere second with a tiny jump to glimpse at the mountain peak. As he said, there were just a few minutes left to the battle commencement, such excitement and anxiety was only to be expected.


“Well, I understand what you’re feeling right now, I really do…” Wu Junze lightly scratched his head before continuing, “But, we can’t act so rashly in this matter. We are the bait that’s supposed to mask the main contingent. Given how easy it is to spot us, going out too early will definitely result in heavy fire from the other side.”


“That’s true.” Han Zhishi nodded.


Thus, the last few minutes slowly ticked by towards the commencement time and soon the moment finally arrived.


“Let’s go!” Waving his hands forward, Wu Junzi gave his steed a resounding slap and galloped off towards the mountain peak.


Hearing that, Han Zhishi hurriedly slapped his spectral steed as well, urging it forward with every ounce of his being; the last thing he wanted was to be left behind in this fated encountered. If only this steed of his could fly, were his exact thoughts right now.


Mere moments later, a thunderous wave of clip clops sounded out in the distance as well. The adventurers, having formed an orderly snaking formation, began their deafening ascent from the mountain’s base.


“Good, as long as things proceed this smoothly…!” Wu Junze couldn’t help but yell as he eyed the ever-growing mountain top.


‘Although it wasn’t expected at fact, it’s almost too smooth...smooth...wait, something’s wrong.’


Before he could even finish that thought however, a cerulean figure popped up in the near distance.


‘That’s...a girl?!’ Was his first reaction to that unknown lifeform ahead. However, it wasn’t long before the seasoned veteran came back to his senses. ‘No, how could there be a girl in the Abyss, on the other hand, there’s a number female spirits to be found here.’


Narrowing his eyes, Wu Junze squinted at the distant figure. ‘That cerulean skin seemed so familiar, as if...SLIME?!’ Immediately, Wu Junze was taken aback by the thought that suddenly appeared in his head.


‘A humanoid slime?! Here, in the abyss?’


Not only that, the unknown lifeform that stood before him was wearing clothes. There was no doubt at all, this slime’s sense of being was extremely similar to that of a human’s.


Staring at her flawless complexion, he couldn’t help but feel even more confused.


‘Exactly what is going on here?’


Appearing on the mountaintop like that, with a bishoujo’s alluring face and figure, the girl seemed that much more mysterious at the same time.


She seemed to have just noticed them as well and like a bishoujo who had just entered the earthly realm, she had on a ditzy look...



Special thanks to Kaung Thant Win Naing!!


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