World Boss? No Thanks! Vol 2 C12: Han Zhishi Sanjo!

Wu Junze eyed the girl who shouldn’t even appear in the abyss. No matter how he looked at her, she just seemed so adorable and lovable. Just by looking at her crystal clear face, he couldn’t help but imagine a multitude of scenarios.


Like how a ditzy bishoujo, living the pampered lifestyle and undergoing the proper education expected of a well to do family, was suddenly kidnapped by a diabolic abyss dragon and was forever torn apart from her family…


Or like how this bishoujo, having grown up in a simple farming household filled with love, was blessed with parents who doted and protected her to the point where she hardly had any contact with the opposite sex. She would work hard everyday from dusk to dawn, while leading this carefree and idyllic lifestyle of hers. But then everything changed when the abyss dragon attacked...


And so and so forth. With every passing scenario, his heart ached even more for the girl.




‘To kidnap such a beautiful lady and destroy her life like that!’


‘Judging by those tattered ‘clothes’ of hers, it’s obvious that this evil dragon has already laid its claws on her.’


‘Grrr...if only we met earlier.’ Wu Junze thought with undisguised resentment.


“Worry not, miss. This one swears to rescue you!” He declared to the cerulean girl before him.


“Hmm?” As if she couldn’t comprehend what he said, she knitted her brows together in confusion and tilted her head.


Of course she didn’t understand him, their languages were most likely different to begin with. The language of the girl was one from a distant and foreign realm. ‘Her homeland must truly be a distant land…’


“Don’t...don’t come any closer.” A second later however, the girl surprised him with a sudden plea.


‘Soul Link?!’ He immediately thought to himself as the strangeness of this situation began to dawn on him. However, before he could this give it any further thought, he was abruptly brought back to reality by a yell from Han Zhishi.


“Watch out!” Having sensed something, Han Zhishi immediately yelled to his partner. While he wasn’t sure who that girl was, his fighter’s instincts were telling him this, that girl was dangerous.


“Stay away!” The cerulean girl said telepathically as her lips began to form words resembling that of a chant.


‘Magical chant?! That cerulean girl knows magic and she’s using it to attack us?!’ At that, Wu Junze couldn’t help but feel that something in his head had shattered. To think that their rescue target had suddenly turned into a foe!


A moment later, all he saw was the girl wave her right hand before a wave blasted forth from her palms and with a resounding *whoosh* rushed down the mountain path!


Second-grade Pathseeker’s water magic [Torrent]! Originally, this spell, being a low level magic and all, was just supposed to birth a slow moving stream of water. However, because of the steepness of the slope and their elevation, it immediately turned into roaring rapids!


*Whoosh!* The rapids careened downwards right towards the tactical team and their horses. At this rate, forget being a bait, their team was in danger of losing their mobility; it would be a miracle if they weren’t wiped out here.


When one had the high ground, employ water attacks!


Realizing their precarious state, Wu Junze couldn’t help but feel a little bitter. He had done his due diligence already but because it was a cerulean bishoujo who appeared before him, he ended up lowering his guard in the end. Had it been that abyss dragon who appeared, he probably wouldn’t have acted this way.


However, the situation had already occured, was there even a point to ifs?


“Now’s not the time to blame yourself, captain!” Yelled Han Zhishi, interrupting the man’s self-admonishment in an instant.


“Hmm?” Wu Junze turned around in confusion to see Han Zhishi leaping off his spectral steed with both of his feet.


“Neighh!” The spectral steed who was barely holding its own in the midst of the roaring rapids was immediately knocked down by the kick and washed away by the raging waters.


“Let’s go!” Han Zhishi leaped onto Wu Junze’s horseback and leaped off once more, hands grabbing onto his comrade’s clothing.


“The horses!” Wu Junze yelled in a distraught manner, clearly distressed about the plight of their steeds. Having been kicked down the slope like that, they were most likely doomed to die.


“Is this the time to care about some horses?!” Han Zhishi bellowed as his feet landed on solid ground once more.


In front of them stood a shocked cerulean girl and a shocked abyss dragon. Clearly, both of them hadn’t considered the possibility of them using their steeds as a springboard.


However, as facts would have it, Han Zhishi did just that. His physique and agility could only be described as monstrous. Within his eerily green body, a crimson heart burned.


Second-grade Fighter, Han Zhishi, SANJO (has arrived)!



Special thanks to Kaung Thant Win Naing!!


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