World Boss? No Thanks! Vol 2 C13: Fight!

‘Fighter?!’ I couldn’t help but gasp as I looked at the burly man.


Before me stood a man with pointed brows and a sharp gaze, clad in a simply designed black and red overcoat that was matched with a similarly designed pair of long pants. Thanks to his bulging muscles, the overcoat seemed almost tight as it hugged his body lovingly. Above, his eyes glinted with intent as he observed us.


Just from a single glance, I could tell that this man was a veteran, someone who had undergone long, gruelling periods of training.


‘Not good, a seasoned fighter is the last thing we need right now.’


‘Compared to him, that fellow on the right doesn’t seem to give off any presence at all. In fact, his presence is so weak, it’s laughable.’


“Listen up, Zhishi.” Wu Junze whispered in the ear of his comrade, “That cerulean girl might seem harmless and pretty but those violent rapids definitely came from her palm. If we don’t take care of her right away, those adventurers down the mountain path will…”


The man nodded his head, eyes still affixed to the tiny abyss dragon before him.


‘Hmmm...I’m not sure what they just said but it’s probably about their plans. Well, too bad for you two, no matter what you’re planning, I’ll just trample over the two of you! Compared to that blackwing python’s overbearing aura, you two are nothing but small fries!’


With that in mind, I began charging up a [Fireball]...having just leveled it up, my fireballs were now able to accumulate power.


“On the count of three, we’ll subdue that girl first, don’t hurt her too much since we don’t know what’s her background yet.”


Han Zhishi nodded wordlessly again, even now his eyes were still glued onto the abyss dragon.


He had a certain premonition that this abyss dragon standing before him wasn’t just any old tiny abyss dragon. His instincts were telling him that it wasn’t an easy opponent to deal with --- that it was strong!


“One, two…” As Wu Junze counted, he carefully watched for an opportunity to strike.


Yet it was at that moment that I spotted an opening amongst these weaklings.


Charged-up [Fireball], launch!


My jaws opened up wide and spat out the gigantic ball of flames within. Like that, a ball roughly two meters wide and clearly larger than my own body appeared before Han Zhishi in an instant!


“Hmph!” He coldly snorted and brought his hands together, stacking on a multitude of BUFFs in an instant!


[Windy Fists]! A seasoned fighter is able to throw out punches that roil the winds around them. The faster these fists are, the more deadly they become. Increases Fist attack speed by 10% and applies an additional Wind element damage that scales with the fighter’s attack speed!


[Technique Break]! A fist to break a million techniques. A fighter’s fist techniques are able to reduce the damage the fighter suffers as long as they aren’t physical. This BUFF is effective as long as these non-physical attacks do not exceed the value of the fighter’s own damage output. The more experienced the fighter was in his fist techniques, the more damage he was able to reduce!


[Qi Accumulation]! Focus the Qi onto one body. Allows the fighter to better sense the air and Qi flows around him. Increases his agility and prediction abilities!


[Bloody Steps]! A third-grade movement technique unique to fighters. Increases a fighter’s base movement speed by a small degree and greatly increases his physical damage output!


Kicking off on one leg, Han Zhishi leaped towards the blinding fireball, right fist raised high.


*bang!* His fist pierced the fiery exterior of the fireball in an instant, breaking it apart with a thunderous explosion. It was as if a miniature sun separated into multiple smaller fire globes in order to evade his attack.


From the very beginning, Han Zhishi didn’t intend to wait for his comrade’s count, he wasn’t such a person to begin with. Even before Wu Junze started counting, he was already raring to go so why would he even wait?!


*crack crack* The joints in his hands began to creak as he clenched down even harder on his fists, eyes still locked onto the powerful foe in front of him.


Within the heart of a fighter, there was only ever one word: fight!


If your blood wasn’t boiling, you weren’t a man! As of right now, Han Zhishi’s burning heart was thumping wildly in his chest and within it, a roaring flame burned with an unmatched intensity!



Special thanks to Kaung Thant Win Naing!!


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