World Boss? No Thanks! Vol 2 C14: Fighting Force with Force

‘He actually dispersed my charged-up [Fireball] with one punch?!’


I stared wide-eyed at Han Zhishi, slightly shocked at what I had just witnessed.


‘Isn’t it against the rules for fighters to be that strong?!’


“Ah, you’re just as impatient as always!” Wu Junze shrugged his shoulders in resignation, hands clasped to his waist. “Being unable to control the situation just rubs me the wrong way, I swear.”


“Let me then!” Han Zhishi interrupted his comrade’s actions and said, “After waiting around for so long, it’s about time for a warm up…”


“Hm…” Wu Junze grunted before turning to the cerulean girl. “So you’re telling me to handle the little lady then?”


“Mhm, I’m leaving her to you.” Han Zhishi nodded. “Right now, all I wish to do is fight!”


“Ahh, you battle maniacs are just so...” Wu Junze scratched his head. “Fine fine, but you have finish it quick!”


At that, Han Zhishi nodded his head and turned his predatory eyes back onto me as if he was eyeing a prey.


[Tiger Leap]! Like a taut spring, he leaped off the ground with a furious roar reminiscent of a vicious, wild tiger’s and charged right at me.


‘Finally...he’s coming huh!’


[Bone Creation!] I slammed by right claw onto the ground and summoned forth a rack of bones from the depths of the Abyss.


Decompose! Reconstitute!


*whoosh, clack!* The pallid bones immediately wrapped themselves around my body, forming a sturdy bone armor. As of right now, from tail to head, my body was completely protected by a set of protective bone covering.


“ROAR!!” I bellowed in the direction of my foe, hoping to somewhat stagger him with a roar so loud, even a deaf man could hear it.


*crack!* Clearly unfazed by my dragon’s roar, he tightened his fists once more as if he was loosening up his body and preparing to warm up.


[Power Fist]! Right fist thrown out, he immediately rushed at me with a punch that was not only fast but heavy as well! Such a fist wasn’t one you could dodge easily. In order to deflect it, the best method would be to meet it head-on and force him to retreat of his volition!


That was the conclusion I came to in a split second after which I threw out an attack of my own. [Ram]!


However, Han Zhishi neither retreated nor dodged but instead advanced!


*Bang!* His fist crashed into my body and shattered the sturdy bone armor protecting me.


*Crack!* My own body collided with his own as well.


What do you mean ‘using technique to counter force’, what do you mean ‘using soft blows to counter hard ones’?!


In the face of Han Zhishi, there was only brute force, using ‘force to counter force’!


Truly, I never once thought that this Han Zhishi would actually be this violent! From the very start, he had no intention of dodging and instead planned on trading wounds with wounds!


A pure, unadulterated melee! At times like this, whoever retreated first lost!


[Hand Blade]! [Inch Punch]! [Flank Strike]! [Belly Strike]!


Blow after blow was thrown out by the hotblooded fighter in an unending chain that seemed like a violent tsunami. All around me, my ears were filled only with the *whooshes* of his punches and the ripping of the wind.


However… ‘there’s no way I would lose out to you!’ My pride was immediately stirred by his furious challenge.


‘If it’s a melee you want, it’s a melee you will get!’


[Tail Swipe]! [Bite]! [Claw Swipe]! [Ram]!


Steel fists clashed with iron claws in unending cacophony of bangs and booms. Around us, the earth danced as if in admiration of our nail biting fight.


At this very moment, there was only that fighter within my eyes. Within my mind, there was only one thought…


‘ going to defeat this guy!’



Special thanks to Kaung Thant Win Naing!!


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