World Boss? No Thanks! Vol 2 C15: Cobalt Rose

Thus, in this high ground where tiny abyss dragon and fighter met, a ferocious battle raged on. Like a scene taken out of some shounen manga, the two traded blows nigh invisible, all in a bid to defeat the other…


“Ahhh, looks like the blood’s gone up to his head again, such a troublesome fellow. Well, I guess he’s Han Zhishi for a reason.” Wu Junze sighed at the side before turning to face the cerulean girl. “How about we don’t fight instead, huh!? Truth be told, I don’t wish to hurt a girl like you.”


Slime-chan shook her head and rejected that immediately.


“You’re bad people trying to hurt Dragon-chan…” She replied using [Soul Link]. “I...won’t let you hurt him.”


“Is...that so?” Replied a slightly surprised Wu Junze. “Looks like you have your own convictions as well, huh…”


Hearing that, it was now Slime-chan’s turn to be surprised. Other than Dragon-chan, this was the first time someone actually accepted her [Soul Link].


“However, I’m sorry but…” *whoosh* He drew out a pair revolvers from his waist. “I can’t disappoint my subordinates either.”


*bang bang* A fiery revolution of the pistols later, a pair of bullets careened out of their barrels, their reap her life.


Immediately, the cerulean girl clapped her hands together and erected a giant watery barrier in front of her.


To blunt the force with water, [Water Shield]!


“A [Water Shield] huh? However...can something like that really block my bullets?”


*splash splash…* The bullets pierced through the azure surface in an instant, driving a tunnel right through the watery barrier without slowing down a bit. A mere second later, it flew out the other end with another splash.


The [Water Shield] wasn’t effective at all!


Like that, the two bullets successfully penetrated the body of Slime-chan…


However, the girl neither panicked nor did she try to dodge but instead expanded her body and enveloped the bullets instead.


“Ahhhh woo!*gulp*” She swallowed them!


“ physical attacks are useless huh…” Wu Junze noted while giving the girl a strange look. “In that case, your true form is really a slime then?!”


The girl nodded her head while continuing to channel her magic.


[Elements Converge: Water]! Increases the casting speed of water spells and slightly increases their damage.


[Water Shell]! Negates a degree of physical damage as well as some elemental damage.


“Time for a change of plans then.” He heaved a deep sigh.


[Electric Bullet] locked and loaded! [Flame Bullet] lock and loaded! [Blinding Bullet] lock and loaded!


The two revolvers Wu Junze wielded weren’t any old revolvers but were custom made ones. The one in his left was named [Cobalt Rose] and it possessed a rather unique mechanism that allowed Wu Junze to fire off any bullet he wanted. Naturally, such a well crafted weapon wouldn’t fire off a [Blinding Bullet] by mistake when he wanted to fire an [Electric Bullet] instead.


If Han Zhishi could be considered a power-type combatant then the gunner standing before Slime-chan right now had to be a technique-type combatant!


“Well about we start afresh!”




‘Is Slime-chan going to be alright by herself?!’ As I traded blow after blow with Han Zhishi, I couldn’t help but throw a couple of worried looks towards Slime-chan from time to time.


“Hey hey hey, exactly where do you think you are looking at?!” Yelled Han Zhishi as continued his barrage of attacks.


‘Ah, how annoying! You’re clearly just as dishevelled as I am so stop acting so high and mighty!’


‘Well, perhaps it’s about time now. Even though brawling with you like this isn’t half bad either, however, I’m not really the patient type.’


[Bone Creation]! In an instant, the bones within the earth of the Abyss swarmed towards me and restored the bony armor around me.


‘Even though this is a little underhanded but it’s time for me to end this battle!’




‘Sorry bud, but I’m a magic dragon, don’t cha know!’



Special thanks to Kaung Thant Win Naing!!


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