World Boss? No Thanks! Vol 2 C16: The Last Gamble

As the motes of silvery grey light gathered in my twin claws, I felt a void grow within me. All around me, I could feel my mana rushing out of my body and into my spell.


Gently and ever so delicately, I manipulated the mana within the abyssal bones, boosting their pliability.


[Bone Creation], in other words, the art of creating weapons from bones! In my hands, the dead were weapons, armors and my greatest support!


Elements of bone, be guided by mana, and form anew into a spike


[Bone Spike]!


*whoosh whoosh whoosh*! As my mana poured into the bones of the deceased, a field of bone spikes suddenly burst through the ground.


‘Penetrate him!’ I ordered the mana dwelling within them.


Hearing that, the surrounding bones broke apart in an instant and reconstituted themselves into razor-sharp spikes that endlessly rushed at the spirit.


“!” Han Zhishi barely managed to eke out a surprised yelp before he had to constantly tumble backwards in order to avoid the deadly spikes. “Is this the so-called bone magicks of the abyss dragons? Even so, it’s still something I can manage.”


As he continued evading the spikes, he calmly analyzed the situation in his head: ‘Logically speaking, even though this spell boasted such power and speed, it must have cost that dragon a frightening amount of mana, especially given how much bone it used up as a medium.’


‘Given how much mana a tiny abyss dragon has, these spikes can’t be used for long. In other words, as long as I endure till it runs dry, it’s my win!’ He thought to himself as he continued dodging while looking out for any new bone spikes.


‘Hmph, as expected of a fighter, your speed isn’t half bad. In that case, I...just have to speed up more!’




I viciously slapped the ground with my claws and channelled even more mana into the bone spikes, boosting their speed further.


*crack crack crack* The existing bone spikes started to break down and reform even faster as they chased after the nimble spirit. By now, it was as if the mountain peak itself was uprooting itself and chasing him down.


“How?! It actually had enough speed up the spikes’ creation?” Han Zhishi gasped as he stared at what should have been a weak tiny abyss dragon.


‘Not good! This lizard isn’t your average tiny abyss dragon, its mana’s too large!’


*Pierce* It was merely a moment of distraction but that single instant caused him to miss a dodge and allowed a bone spike to pierce his left shoulder.


“Ugh…” He grunted as he tried to hold back the burning pain. However, it was too late, thanks to the pain wrecking his shoulder, his reaction speed was no longer what it used to be.


‘An opportunity! As long as I can drive my spikes into his limbs now, I can rob him of his mobility!’


‘Go forth!’ I ordered my spikes once more.


*BANG!* Suddenly, I heard an all too familiar sound from the movies not too far from where I was standing.


‘That’s...the sound of a gunshot!’ The moment that thought registered in my mind, I instantly reacted and severed my connection with the bone spikes, forming a giant bone shield instead!


‘Block it!’ Right in the nick of time, the bones managed to reform themselves after which I immediately heard the slight buzz of electricity and the metallic clang of a bronze bullet smashing into my bone shield.


‘There are guns in this world?’


‘That weak looking scrub is actually some kind of marksman?!’


‘Is everything alright with Slime-chan?!’


‘D*mn, I lost my opportunity. Well, that doesn’t really matter, I can find another one easily enough. Slime-chan, hang in there…’




“Crud, it actually deflected it, how fast is its reaction speed!” Wu Junze cried out of frustration.


“I won’t...allow you to get in Dragon-chan’s way!” Slime-chan was incensed. Even though she was right there in front of him, he still tried to hinder her precious Dragon-chan.


Thus, she struck out once more with a palm strike.


*Hisssss…* Thanks to the corrosive nature of your body, her strike immediately ate into Wu Junze’s clothes, leaving him a dishevelled mess. To think that was the result of him barely dodging the strike and allowing it to merely graze him.


‘Truly a troublesome opponent...physical attacks won’t work on her and only bullets enchanted with elemental properties can harm her.’ Wu Junze thought to himself. ‘At this rate, Zhishi is definitely going to fall!’


‘Not only that...that stubborn rock won’t listen to me and finish off this little lady first…’


‘In that case, we just have to take out that abyss dragon first!’


Having decided that, he immediately pulled away from his opponent. Given their current situation, tangling with her any longer would be pointless anyway.


“Zhishi, this is our last chance! If it fails, just leave, quick!” He yelled towards his comrade before reaching for his right revolver and aiming it at the tiny abyss dragon…



Special thanks to Kaung Thant Win Naing!!


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