World Boss? No Thanks! Vol 2 C19: A Checkmate to Rule Them All

“Uwaaah!” Slime-chan cried as she barrelled into me, hugging me on impact. Just looking at her frightened expression, my heart immediately ached.


‘Well, I’ll comfort her for now.’ As I thought that, I extended my dragon tail and gently patted her on the head like I would a child. Somehow, it felt like I had just gained a little sister.


Like that, I stood there admiringly gazing at her while a complicated set of emotions which I just couldn’t put to words, reverberated in my heart.


“*weep*...” Slime-chan lowered her body and wrapped her arms around my tail in a tight embrace.


‘Ahh, I touched tail touched soft…’


The moment I thought that however, she whipped her head up and stared at me with eyes wide open.


‘Wha...what’s the matter, I’m not thinking anything strange at all...nope, not at should I say this, you’re like a sister to me. So I definitely don’t harbor those kinds of thoughts...nope, not at all…’


Yet in the middle of my explanation, she cried, her once sparkling eyes dulled by the watery intrusion. She opened her mouth as if to say something but in the end, she said nothing and instead hugged my tail even tighter.


Seeing her so crestfallen, my heart ached even more and I couldn’t help but intensify my patting.


“*weep*...” Thus she carried on crying while continuously snuggling against my tail.


‘Hey, hey, that’s a little too much snot and tears on my tail…’ Though I said that, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of warmth.


“Hey, evil dragon!” Wu Junze suddenly called out to me through my vice-like grip on him.


I glared at him, clearly put off by his behavior. ‘Don’t you know how to read the atmosphere? This man, I swear! Kuuki yomenai (can’t take a hint)!’


“What?!” I snapped at the dense fellow.


“I lost, there’s no disputing that outcome, however there’s something I have to ask. My Crimson Reaper, why was it ineffective against you?!” As he said that, I could feel his intense gaze on me. Clearly, this was the first time he had seen a living creature directly withstand his Crimson Reaper.


“Ah, I apologize but if there’s one thing I have going for me, it’s my immense pool of mana and health.” Having said that however, I threw him a look before continuing: “Even so, a sturdy creature like me still ended up losing half of his scales to your explosive round…”


*clack clack* My scales fell to the ground as if they had sliced off by a razor.


‘Ahh, feelsbadman, my upper half is now naked…’


“Anyway, that ‘Crimson Reaper’ of yours almost reaped my life. If you can fire off another one, there’s no way I can withstand it this time.” I went on to add: “I have to admit, even though there’s such a wide rift between our strength levels, you were still able to force me to employ such tactics, you can feed proud of yourself...however…”


“However?!” Wu Junze couldn’t help but ask as his neck craned further in to hear my answer.


“However, I’m the one who won in the end!” I lifted my two trophies high into the air as if to show them off to an audience.


“Guild...guild leader!” The adventurers called out to Flanrida in a panicked voice. “That evil dragon has captured team leader Junze and vice-team leader Zhishi!”


“I can see that already, I’m trying to think of a solution right now.” Flanrida answered through gritted teeth as he continued eyeing me.


‘Hmph, they should be aware of their situation by now. That the lives of their two comrades were completely under my control; they are my important hostages, don’t cha know…’


“Hey! That burly stooge over there!” I used my [Soul Link] to call out to Flanrida.


“Hmm?! A [Soul Link]?” He suddenly raised his head to face as if he had discovered my ping.


‘Perfect! Looks like the other side is willing to talk to me. I bet they are having a terrible headache right now, worrying about these two hostages of mine.’


‘In that case, it’s time for a fruitful round of negotiations!’



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