World Boss? No Thanks! Vol 2 C2: A Dragon Who Gets Shot Even While Lying There?!

Fuhra County was an idyllic little town located within the territory of the Overlord of Hatred. From each of its households, one could see a wisp of blue light flowing from the cracks of the windows. All around, the residents bustled as if it was a normal human town; truly it was rare to witness such serenity or light, for that matter, in the Abyss.


It was said that those who died with hatred in their hearts would fall into the Abyss. Of those that did, they would settle down in this region till their hatred dissipated and they were ready for reincarnation. However, letting go of one’s accumulated resentment and hatred was a lot easier said than done. Thus, numerous vengeful spirits would take roots in this plot of the Abyss and gradually they formed a town.


The town itself took up an area roughly 10 km square wide stretched out in the shape of a straight line. This line extended along the entirety of the Underworld River, from the east all the way to the west. Looking at it from a distance, the town resembled a giant snake of sorts.


Because the souls who lived upstream of the river were situated at the entrance of the Underworld River most of the time, they organically formed the governing branch of this town and as time passed, became the representatives of this town within this region. As for those who lived downstream of the river, those souls were mostly tasked with cleaning up the surrounding threats via daily missions.


One had to know, the Abyss was still a place fraught with danger at every corner despite the idyllic appearance of the town.


Thus, these souls ended up forming an adventurer’s guild of sorts similar to that of the mainland’s. Moreover, it had to be said that such a guild wasn’t an uncommon sight even in the other regions.


At the southern end of Fuhra’s downstream section was just such an adventurer’s guild ---Wanderer’s Abode. It was a rather famous guild in this town in part due to its unique guild headquarters that was constructed of bones from abyssal creatures and certain gemstones found only in the Abyss.


“Who would’ve thought...that as an adventurer, I would have to work like this even after dying!” Griped the adventurer known as Han Zhishi as he laid sprawled over the stone table and pounded its gemstone inlays.


“Well, there’s really no helping it, is there...who told us to die and end up here.” Said Wu Junze as he patted his companion. “But that doesn’t matter, after all…”




“Huh?! What do you mean doesn’t matter...we are dead, D E A D dead! Isn’t it just inhumane to make a person work even after he dies!?” As the furious Han Zhishi yelled at his friend, he slammed the table and stood up.


“No no, I’m just saying, at least I’m still better looking than you even after dying!” As Wu Junze said that, his eyes glimmered with a seriousness never seen before.


Suddenly, as if all the hot air in him had dissipated, Han Zhishi quietly slumped back down onto his chair and took a swig of his inferior abyssal wine. He finally came to the realization that, at times, talking to some people was a waste of time, even more so when both parties were dead…


“In the first place, it’s all that damned sacred dragon’s fault! What’s wrong with just loafing around in its own sacred temple, why did it have to invade the other kingdoms like that?! What’s even more infuriating is that we didn’t even defeat it and ended up dead!”


“Well, there’s no helping that either, the difference in our strength was just too large. It is, after all, a sacred dragon worshipped by the sacred city…” As he said that, Wu Junze sighed before continuing. “Ever since the foundation of that sacred city, it was said that the sacred dragon had an extremely close relationship with the monarchs of that city. There were even rumors that it was a pet of that monarch…”


“Hmph, either way, dragons are all a bunch of bast*rds! If I ever see another one again, I’m definitely going to give it a thrashing!” Swore a Han Zhishi, green knuckles cracking.


“You can count me in as well when that happens. Truth be told, I’m a little peeved as well.” His companion declared with a smile. “However, I don’t think we will ever have another opportunity to meet a dragon…”


“Either way, this is a grudge I just can’t swallow, dragons are all *****s!”


“That’s right, dragons are all ****heads!”




Suddenly, I had the urge to sneeze for no reason in particular. ‘Am I catching a cold of something? Come to think of it, can you even catch a cold in a game?! Isn’t this game a little too realistic!?”


‘Hmm, isn’t that a ray of light in the distance? Looks like this damned darkness is about to end.’


‘Ahhh...finally I can take a break, all this walking is causing my tiny dragon legs to ache…’



Special thanks to Kaung Thant Win Naing!!


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