World Boss? No Thanks! Vol 2 C20: Negotiations (Part 1)

With regards to the [Soul Link] sent out by that tiny abyss dragon, Flanrida was actually rather skeptical of it at first. After all, he had just witnessed this shameless lizard launch a sneak attack and thanks to that, he gained a whole new perspective on dragons as a whole.


Not every dragon brimming with pride; not every of them showed their disdain for every living creature in a forthright manner. That tiny abyss dragon was one such example, he completely didn’t possess the pride expected of the dragon race.


One had to know that [Soul Link] was in effect placing both parties on the same level as it required both sides to consent before taking effect.


Flanrida didn’t really have much against that stance in general, in fact, he not only didn’t belittle dragons, he held contact with such prideful spirits in high regard. Even so, the fact that the tiny abyss dragon was actually willing to lower himself to communicate was still a shock to Flanrida.


Previously, he was busy figuring out a plan to snatch the two hostages back from his claws but now that the other side was willing to negotiate, that meant that things weren’t actually as serious as he had first imagined. As long he fulfilled the dragon’s terms, the dragon should return the two hostages.


Ironically, dragons as a whole had a greater sense of morality than humans.


Even though this tiny abyss dragon hadn’t shown any reason that it should be trusted, Flanrida was still rather hopeful of the dragon’s trustworthiness.



“Hmph, so you’re finally willing to negotiate with me?!” I proudly threw a rhetorical question at the burly man.


“Of course, we are willing, Oh Dragon.” In spite of that, Flanrida firmly answered my question. To him, being able to peacefully exchange for the two hostages’ safe return was the best outcome.


“Is that so, that’s great then. Whether it is for my sake or for those two stuck on my claws…before that however, how about you introduce yourself and then I’ll judge if you’re a person worth negotiating with.”


“I’m the person placed in charge of this dragonslaying expedition to exterminate your esteemed self, the guild leader of Wanderer’s Abode, Flanrida!”


‘Hmmm...within the [Soul Link], there’s no way he can lie, looks like he’s telling the truth then.’


“Very good!” I narrowed my eyes, “I’ve witnessed your sincerity, in that case, I can put my mind at ease and negotiate with you.”


“Well then, what you want is none other than these two fellows, I assume!” I raised the two of them high into the air as I said so. The fact that I had them at my mercy was where the majority of my bargaining power laid at the moment.


Once more, Flanrida replied me in a resolute voice, “That’s right, those two. Wu Junze and Han Zhishi are both important members of our guild. There’s almost no way we can replace them within the tactical team. I don’t know why they decided to act alone this time, but they are rather well-liked within the guild.”


“Haha, I apologize about that, I think their team members were all drowned by my comrade over here, Slime-chan.”


“Is that so, no wonder.” He gave that bit of information some thought before continuing. “Well then, oh Dragon, what do you wish then? As long it is something doable, we will try to fulfill them to the best of our abilities.”


‘Doable huh...looks like he’s willing to accept some demands but won’t commit to anything yet…’


“ what are they worth to you then?” Not in a hurry either, I threw back a probing question.


How much were these two actually worth? That was something I still didn’t know, thus it would be foolish of me to start listing out my terms right away.



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