World Boss? No Thanks! Vol 2 C24: Can I Have a Passive Please?

All I heard was a ‘whoosh’ before I felt the power of the curse rush into my body. An instant later, I felt my chest tighten, as if a giant invisible hand had gripped down on it and would instantly crush it if I were to renege on that contract.


It was a lingering threat, to be sure, and honestly I hated it. ‘Looks like I have to find a method to deal with it in the future.’


“The contract is complete.” Flanrida turned towards me and said: “In that case, this marks the start of our relationship as allies.”


“No, you’re my hired gun. I don’t remember promising to help you with anything…” I quietly rolled me eyes at him.



What a ripoff! Flanrida immediately griped to himself. At the very least however, the hostages were rescued.


“Well, here’s your men.” I loosened my claws and the two hostages fell to the ground like a pair of flightless birds.


“Ugh…” Han Zishi rubbed his sore butt and then glared at me.


“Keep glaring, it’s not like you can hit me anyway.” I glared right back at him, clearly not willing to back down at all.


“Forget it, let’s just go.” Wu Junze tugged on his companion for a while before the latter finally walked off albeit unwillingly.


“Well then, Mister Guild Leader, where’s my Third-tier magical weapon?” ‘I let the hostages go as promised so it’s time for him to fulfill his end of the bargain, right…’


“Of course, we’ll have it sent right away.” Seeing that the hostages had been released, he heaved a sigh of relief and said: “It’s just, I don’t know what kind of weapon you prefer. How about you follow me back to the town and have a look?”


“All right. Let’s go then.” I nodded my head.


Thinking back on his words, they kind of made sense. If he were to give me an unusable magical weapon, that would have felt really bad.


“You’re coming with us? Like that?”


“Huh? How else would I follow you?” I snapped at him. ‘Don’t tell me there’s some kind of dragon dress code just to pick out a weapon…’


“At the very least please undo your [Death’s Binding].” As he said that, he pointed a finger at me. “You can’t expect anyone not to be terrified by that ominous black cloud floating around you.”


“Huh? Err, my [Death’s Binding] can’t be undone. It’s a passive ability…” I awkwardly answered him.


‘Hmm? Why is he giving me that stupefied look…’


At that very moment, a shocked guild leader stood there with these few thoughts running through his head:


‘One, that d*mned aura chipping away at our lives was actually a passive ability?!


‘Two, just because I’m a warrior doesn’t mean you can lie to me!’


‘Three, and more importantly, how much mana does that ability use up?!’


“About that...that ability of yours...exactly how many mana does it use up?” Flanrida gingerly asked.


After all, if that ability used up a ton of mana, that would have meant that my mana pool or mana recovery rate were off the charts!


With that terrifying thought in mind, Flanrida couldn’t help but stare expectantly at me.


“Oh, it doesn’t cost me any mana at all.” I answered truthfully.


“ mana…” The man chanted to himself, each word striking his ears like a bolt of lightning.


Suddenly, it felt like his world was caving in on him and he had no choice but to comfort himself.


‘That’s right, it’s just that I’m too ignorant. Thinking about it carefully, anything can happen in a vast world like Fantian…’


‘A [Death’s Binding] with no mana cost isn’t all that strange, probably…’



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