World Boss? No Thanks! Vol 2 C4: They are Determined to Slay a Dragon

Thus, the brightly lit Fuhra County spent the day peacefully as always…


Or at least it should have! Till the little brother in charge of sounding the alarm found tracks of abyssal creatures…


“Dragon! There’s a dragon afoot!” He immediately yelled upon noticing the claw tracks on the ground. “There’s a dragon closing in on the town!”


As a bordertown, Fuhra County was more than accustomed to such sudden occurrences to the point where it only took a split second for the warning to spread throughout the town.


[Abyssal creature detected! There’s a tiny abyss dragon approaching the downstream section of Fuhra County! Adventurers are advised to make the necessary battle preparations and to cooperate with your respective guild. At the same time, residents living in the downstream section are advised to prepare for evacuation!]


Within a certain bar, a resounding *pffffft* echoed across the hall as Han Zhishi spat out the mouthful of wine he had just downed.


Squatting down swiftly, Wu Junze barely managed to dodge the stream of yellow fluid though his shirt was still slightly drenched by it. For a cleanliness freak like him, this was…




Eyes blazing, he glared at Han Zhishi before reaching out for his waist with both of his hands.


“Wait...captain, it’s me! Don’t shoot...I’m sorry…” Realizing that the situation wasn’t looking good for him, Han Zhishi hurriedly apologize. “I’ll compensate you with a clean shirt later.”


Hearing that, the furious man finally nodded his head in satisfaction before lowering his arms: “Mmm, that’s more like it.”


“Also, isn’t this just too much of a coincidence, we were just talking about that sacred dragon a while ago and suddenly another dragon pops up?!” Han Zhishi smiled bitterly before continuing, “Captain, do you think we’ve been cursed by the dragons…”


“That’s actually possible…” Wu Junze smiled just as bitterly. “However, this time definitely won’t end the same way as the other, after all, it’s just a tiny abyss dragon. A C ranked creature like that, won’t be an issue for us at all.”


“No...I don’t know why but, I have a bad feeling about this.” Eyes narrowing, Han Zhishi voiced his concern.


“No way, it’s a tiny abyss dragon we’re talking about here!” However, even as he said that, he couldn’t help but feel a little concerned as well. As a fighter, Han Zhishi’s instincts had always been very accurate till now.


“I don’t think so as well but just be careful.”


At that, Wu Junze nodded his head.


This time...they won’t fail for sure!




“Tiny abyss dragon, a dragon that specializes in both death and bone magic. Its physical attacks tend to be weaker and is known for being an intelligent species though their speed is lacking…” At this very moment, the guild leader of Wanderer’s Abode was giving a quick summary of the situation in order to prepare the adventurers for the upcoming battle.


“With regards to bone magic, most of the time it requires the bones of the dead as a medium. Unfortunately for us, we are in the abyss, if there’s one thing we aren’t lacking here, it’s bones. To that dragon, there could be no better location for it to use its magic thanks to the limitless supply of materials. In other words, it can cast its spell without limits!”


“Guild Leader, how are we supposed to fight it then?!” Asked a warrior wielding a giant blade.


“Normally there would be an easier way to take care of it, abyss dragons are afraid of holy magic but…” The guild leader smiled bitterly before saying, “we are all dead, I doubt any of us here can cast holy magic…”


As undead, they themselves are weak to sacred magic so how could they even use it?!


“Fortunately for us, the usual weaknesses of a dragon apply here as well. Head, neck, innards, as we smear our weapons with poison and damage those spots, the poison will seep into its blood. At that would definitely die!”


“After all, that dragon, unlike us undead, is a living creature!”


“For the town! It’s time to go dragonslaying!” Yelled the guild leader, guild banner raised and eyes blazing...



Special thanks to Kaung Thant Win Naing!!


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