World Boss? No Thanks! Vol 2 C6: Our Initial Foray Into the Abyss

The moment I stepped into the territories of the Abyss for the first time officially, a system announcement rang out in my ears.


[Tiny Abyss Dragon (Nameless) has gained the rare title [Initial Foray Into the Abyss]! Reward: Tiny Abyss Dragon (Nameless) has gained a 1% increase to all attributes and has gained [Abyssal Aura Resistance].]


[Attention, the host body is one of an abyssal creature’s, [Abyssal Aura Resistance] has been rendered ineffectual and will be converted into experience points and attributes as necessary.]


‘Huh? Eh, EHH?’


‘Why did my attributes suddenly increase? Wha...what’s going on?’


‘Somehow this scene seems rather familiar, I remember gaining a 1% increase to my attributes before. Was it due to this? All that stuff about rare titles and what not, but then...I don’t remember gaining a title then.’


(TL: Chapter 5, when he killed a human for the first time and gained a 1% increase in attributes thanks to his blanked out skill [Dragon *bleep*].)


‘Hmmm. Hmmmm...don’t tell me that was a hidden title? As a world boss, can I actually gain bonus experience and titles by slaughtering humans?!’


‘Slaughtering humans should I say this, I finally feel like a boss right now. I don’t feel the least bit guilty about slaughtering humans...besides this is just a game right? No matter how I think about it, there’s no problem whatsoever…’


‘On a side note, Slime-chan seems to be acting a little strange as well, perhaps she gained a title as well. Most likely it was that [Abyssal Aura Resistance] thing. Her face seems a lot livelier as well. What a relief…’


‘Really, it’s such a least Slime-chan will be somewhat alright for the time being thanks to that skill. However since it’s possible to gain [Abyssal Aura Resistance], it should be possible to gain [Death Aura Resistance] as well right…’


‘Well, at the very least, my cocktail of death and abyssal aura won’t blow her up for the time such a information-scarce environment, just knowing that a solution is available is enough…’


‘No, the main problem now is how long before she gains [Death Aura Resistance]?!’


‘Based on my previous experiences, resistance to mental afflictions, such as [Fear Resistance] and etc., require the least amount of time to acquire, in fact, it’s almost instantaneous.’


‘On the other hand, physical resistances, eg. [Wind Resistance] which I only managed to attain after eating countless wind blades or [Slash Resistance], take an immense amount of effort or time to attain.’


‘As for aura skills such abyssal and death auras, the formation of such resistances in the form of halos require an inordinate amount of time.’


‘Clearly there was no lack of such auras leaking out from my body constant and yet those resistances refused to manifest themselves…’


“Dragon-chan, Dragon-chan!”


In the midst of my ruminations, Slime-chan’s yell struck me like a bolt from the blue.


“Hmm? What’s the matter?”


“Right in front...there’s…” She stammered in a distinctly panicked fashion.


‘What’s up with the front?’ As I wondered, I turned my head.


As I did so, what used to be specks of greenish light started to explode in numbers and gradually gather together in a sea of stars that radiated brightly in the distance.


‘ way, what’s going on here?’ I couldn’t help but gasp in wonderment. However, it didn’t take long before I found out the reason.


Back then, that wandering spirit’s actions were almost humanlike. In that case, if it was truly a human, then wiping out my current form (Tiny Abyss Dragon) and ridding their village of a potential threat should be the most logical plan of action.


Ensuring the survival of one’s race was a basic instinct after all.


And I...was a dragon, an existence anathema to their survival. Needless to say, I was an apparent threat to them.


‘If only I had some way to communicate to them that I’m harmless...ah...such a headache…’


Within the eerie darkness of the Abyss, a green ocean of wandering spirits ominously rushed towards me like a tidal wave...



Special thanks to Kaung Thant Win Naing!!


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