World Boss? No Thanks! Vol 2 C7: The Calm Before the Storm

Just from where I was standing alone, there had to several hundreds of wandering spirits crowding my field of vision. ‘For all I know, this area has already been surrounded...looks like we’re in quite a pinch now.’


‘Assuming their tactics were those of a human’s, I doubt they would rashly charge in right away. Most likely they would send out a scouting party of sorts.’


‘After all, in a RPG like this, information was everything. No advanced player would rush blindly into the unknown like that and engage the boss right away. Instead, they would first try to analyze the boss’ appearance and movements to get a rough picture of its unique attributes after which they would suss out a plan of action.’


‘Naturally...whether or not they could kill it on the first attempt was another story entirely. Ultimate skills at fixed HP percentages and whatnot, there were still a ton of things that couldn’t be predicted from a mere glance.’


‘That’s enough for now however, I’ve gone off the tracks again.’


‘Looking at it from another way, if their actions were similar to a human’s then it should be possible to communicate with them as well. In that case, I might just be able to clear up this misunderstanding with their scout.’


‘Sigh, I really hate this feeling of nothing knowing anything about my opponents...if it’s possible, I should reduce the number of opponents while I’m in still in this informationless limbo.’


‘Hopefully those scouts show up soon…’


‘Hold on...a second…’


‘That wandering spirit boy...his getup…’


‘Isn’t he a scout?!’


‘I thought he was acting strange back he’s their scout! I thought he was merely scared away by me!’


‘Shoot! It never crossed my mind that he was a scout especially since he didn’t even try to hide himself and seemed so cowardly.’


‘I...messed up...big time!’


‘In a certain sense, I’ve already lost, at least on the intelligence front…’


“Don’t panic, Dragon-chan…” Came the steady voice of Slime-chan, backed up an equally steadfast look.


“Slime-chan?! That calm look on your face, don’t tell me...don’t tell me you have some kind of plan in mind?”


‘Have I been hoodwinked all this while? Is Slime-chan really a cunning strategist?’


With that, I turned my expectant eyes onto her.


“At a time like this, all we have to do is charge into them, mhm!”  Exclaimed Slime-chan with resolute cuteness.




“Slime-chan…*weep*...I’m so touched I could cry on the spot.”


“That’s right, this is how it should be.”


“That ditziness of yours is how things should be, it’s my fault for pushing those unreasonable expectations onto you, please forgive me…”


“Just like I thought, people should just be themselves, even if it means being a potato, it’s still a type of uniqueness!”


“Ehe, potato!” She shyly giggled.


‘Wait, I’m not praising you here!’


‘Anyway, what we need to do now is find a way to defeat them…’


“---is our first priority!” Flanrida yelled at the adventurers.


“But, guild leader...isn’t it a little much for us to handle that tiny abyss dragon, given our lack of holy magic…”


“Hmmm...if the guild leader says we can do it, then we definitely can defeat it. But exactly how are we to go about it?” The adventurers whispered amongst themselves.


“Silence!” Flanrida yelled once more, cutting off all the chattering with a single word. “Listen to me everyone, even though we don’t have holy magic to boost us…”


“...but, don’t forget that each abyss dragon have their own set of resistances. Thus, all we need to do is try out a variety of attacks and discover its weakness from there!”


“Right now, I want every one of you to swiftly group up according to your serial numbers.”


“Whether it’s physical attacks or magical attacks, we have to give both of them a shot. Whichever it reacts to the most...that’s its weakness. We’ll strike from there!”



Special thanks to Kaung Thant Win Naing!!


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