World Boss? No Thanks! Vol 2 C8: An Exchange of Blows!

Within the depths of the Abyss, the wandering spirits’ dragon slaying was about to begin!


“Oh Nether Flames, gather unto our arrows!” In the background, the wandering spirits continuously chanted their spells and soon their arrows blazed with the unusual glow of a nether flame. With regards to this arrow of theirs, they had the utmost confidence in their destructive powers; not only were they able to inflict burn wounds but also a cursed status.


[Nether Flames]! Enchant an object with a slight burning effect and cursing effect.


[Eagle’s Eye]! Even if the opponent is a thousand li (500km) away, a hit is guaranteed!


[Spirit of a Wandering Hero]! A slight increase to one’s HIT rate, damage is greatly increased upon hitting a weak point!


[Illusory Arrow]! Enchant an object with an illusory effect to confuse your opponents!


Thus the heroic spirits raised their bows and took aim at their common foe ---the tiny abyss dragon. With so many DEBUFFs enchanted onto their arrows, even a dragon like that should be brought low, right?


*TWANG!* Thousands of arrows shot into the air in unison, winds whistling in their wake. Yet before they even landed, the wandering spirits already had a second volley nocked with practised ease.


*whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh* A veritable machinegun of arrow fire flew towards me in a rain of eerie lights that blanketed the sky and filled my field of vision from end to end with iron and fire.


And yet despite all that, this terrifying scene didn’t faze me in the least bit.


‘So weak…’ That was the thought that ran through my mind then. ‘Creating a [Bone Shield] with my [Bone Creation] should be enough to block those arrows.’


Right before the start of the battle, I conducted some preliminary experimentation regarding this. The place I was at right now possessed an abundance of bones I could use as mediums. In other words, there’s no need to restrain myself while using [Bone Creation] to craft all the products I need.


With that in mind… ‘a rain of arrow? Psh, no problem at all.’


‘Well, this is probably just an investigative attack, that can’t be their true strength.’


‘They should know as well as I do that a brash attack would fail. Thus, they decided to use an arrow rain to test out my strength.’


‘Whether or not I can block this attack will form the key basis of their next attack!’


“Dragon-chan!” Just as I was about to use my bone shield to block it, Slime-chan rushed out in front of me and nodded at me, “leave this to me!”


“Hmm, you seem rather confident, alright then.” I nodded back to her and revealed a trusting look. ‘Hmmm, I’ll just leave this wave to Slime-chan then.’


‘No, even if I trust her, I should prepare for the worst and be ready to block the attack with my [Bone Shield].’


“Water!” With a wave of her hands, the air around me began to feel wetter and soon a giant mass of water appeared out of thin air before me.


‘Water magic? does fit Slime-chan’s image.’


[Water Screen]! In an instant, the floating water droplets hardened into a thick, gigantic wall in front of us!


*whoosh whoosh whoosh!* The mass of arrows stabbed right into the watery screen and yet not a single one of them was able to penetrate the mass before drowning miserably in its azure depths.


However, even in midst of that watery barrier, the nether flames-encased arrows still burned albeit diminished. Looks like a cursed flame wasn’t so easily extinguished.


“Well then, it’s time I made a move!” Slime-chan drew back her right hand in a hook and instantly the [Water Screen] transformed into a water ball that flew right back at her.


[Giantsize]! Suddenly, Slime-chan reverted back to her original slime form and stretched her slimy jaws wide open. With a resounding *ahhh*, she swallowed the water ball, nether flames and all.


‘Wait, can you even eat that?! Geez, a slime’s digestive system is amazing!’


“Puuf!” She let forth a belch, eyes slightly glazed over in satisfaction.


“Well then, time to return this to you guys, it’s a sign of my appreciation, mhm!” She opened her mouth once more and from it came a greyish water ball…


‘You regurgitated it?! Wait, it’s not the same as before, it feels different, dangerous even.’


“GO!” She blasted the water ball in the direction of the arrow fire. It was an attack formed of her digestive fluids and shaped into a ball. With its acidity, it could easily dissolve any physical object it came into contact with. Furthermore, there was a noticeable lack of nether flames or arrows within that ball.


‘Honestly, what exactly is her digestive system made of?!’ ( ̄3 ̄)a


“*Bang*...” The corrosive ball of fluids exploded in mid-air above the wandering spirits, creating an artificial acid rain that brought forth a string of pained cries and moans from the heroic wandering spirits below...



Special thanks to Kaung Thant Win Naing!!


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